Erogan is a sexual enhancer in the form of tablets and promises to alleviate the problem of erectile dysfunction or impotence from which many men and their partners suffer. It is therefore an alternative to the well-known Viagra, but according to the manufacturer it consists of purely natural ingredients and should primarily have a long-term effect.

We find it difficult to believe whether Erogan actually delivers the promised effect.
We would have liked to convince ourselves in the editorial office of the effectiveness of Erogan and carry out our own test. For this we wanted to order the product on the manufacturer's website. Unfortunately, we have already more or less failed miserably at this first and fundamental step.

In order to order Erogan from the manufacturer, you do not have to simply carry out a classic online order as we know it and we have all probably already carried out a number of times. Instead, the name and telephone number must be entered on the homepage . It is promised that a member of the sales team will phone within 15 minutes to take the order. This approach is not only unusual, it also strikes us as strange. We have therefore refrained from placing an order through this dubious distribution system .

What you should look out for when buying free sexual enhancers:
Bad German: Is the page written in bad German or does it read like a crappy Google translation? First sign of dubiousness.
Missing imprint: If you cannot find an imprint on the page, this is basically a bad sign!
Ordering process: should you only give your name and telephone number so that you can be called back? Be careful!
In addition to the unusual ordering process, the German localization of the official Erogan website does not really speak for a serious offer. Because the translation is bursting with errors . Many sentences are simply grammatically incorrect and sometimes hardly understandable. Such a catastrophic translation definitely does not stand for seriousness. The provider even seems too stingy (or should we say “greedy for profit”) to commission a professional translation into German.

Further Glass Top Stove Cleaning evidence for this presumption of dubiousness can be found in some. If you look at the supposed sexologist Dr. Which is mentioned on the website and has his say Thomas, more closely, you realize quickly that the photo on other websites very similar to that of the Wonder Cells used . That wouldn't be a problem if he didn't suddenly find Dr. Tomas (here specializing in cosmetics) is called and would have many more years of seniority (22 instead of 9). That speaks for fake, so not a real medicwho could confirm the effect. The medical studies that are mentioned on the website and that allegedly have proven the effectiveness of Erogan cannot change the negative impression - especially since they are not proven.

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